Vintage Routemaster

Old Routemaster 1 LR

London has a wide range of buses on its congested streets from the new, gleaming vehicles with their distinctive halogen headlights commissioned by Major Boris Johnson to fine old relics that were brought back into action by the former Major, Ken Livingston.

The survival of the old Routemaster buses on two central London routes (9 & 15) stems from a change of mind in 2000 when Transport for London began purchasing old Routemasters from around the country. Marshalls of Cambridge won the commission to restore these old war horses to their former glory and they now gleam in their red livery and yet still show the patina of decades of reliable service.

Here are some pictures of Routemaster RM1218 which was built in 1962 and recommissioned to route 9 in 2005.


Old Routemaster 2 LR

Old Routemaster 3 LR

Old Routemaster 5 LR